The Most Complete Website Marketplace Script

Our Website Marketplace Clone script grants you the opportunity to finally start a online web marketplace just like the biggest online. We provide the complete PHP and mySQL powered back-end with a intuitive front-end allowing you to run your very own online marketplace!


About Our Software


About our software. Our scripts give you the chance to take on your Website Marketplace in a market which is dominated by only one, our script provides you the complete system just like you want!

We decided to make a system like the biggest ones, but with a difference, a lot of us are aware that biggests marketplaces websites charge commission (a %/success fee of a website or domain name that sells on their website) this has pushed away a hell of a lot flippers in the turnkey or startup industry. Not only that, many of those that sell Established websites have dissapeared and have taken to selling websites privately, as the costs to list a website, and to sell a website on the biggest website marketplace has increased so heavily, compared to the prices of the late Sitepoint Marketplace. Our systems allow you install the script on your domain name, and setup a your own website marketplace, this industry needs alternatives!

  • No success fees will increase the chances of your website becoming a success.
  • Our marketplace systems have a phone verifcation system and feedback system making it safer for your customers.
  • As the website owner you can control, edit/delete/suspend auctions, and also amend users credits.

Your website will be monetized, and ready out of the box to make you revenue.

When you purchase one of our marketplace scripts, you shall be able to make revenue instantly, when your install the system you will input your paypal account e-mail, when users purchase credits to place a listing on your marketplace, you get paid!

Offering complete security for your Marketplace users.

Both of our scripts come loaded with a phone verifcation system enabling your marketplace users to verify their phone number and in turn their % of trust rating will increase, so users can trust them more, bid with confidence on their auctions.

Unsure if our software is for you?

Feel free to contact our sales team or our community forum. We'll be happy to help answer any questions you may have about our script.